Brokerage Service

Brokerage Service

Did you inherit jewelry you won't wear? Are you an executor for an estate without decedents? Maybe you want to move the value of your stashed diamond into a house or tuition.

Nina is a professional broker who will assist you in selling your items giving you cash in your pocket, money for a down payment or cash to do whatever you want to do with it.

She is happy to assist with one item or an entire estate. Nina will consult with you to determine the value of what you have and how desirable it may currently be. She will do a full appraisal workup, the foot work and the follow through.

Diamonds and major colored stones need laboratory reports. Antique and period jewelry needs specialized knowledge. Colored stones may be pretty common or really unique and desirable. Watches are a world into themselves. You need someone who knows this.

Nina does. Her many years of experience researching resale values places her in the unique position to know where and to whom items sell best. Take advantage of it. Give her a call.